Italian Dark-Brown Varnish

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13151 - 30 ml.
13152 - 60 ml.
13153 - 125 ml.
13154 - 500 ml.
13155 - 1 Liter

Classic oil varnish, for varnishing classic string instruments, especially the violin, viola, and cello.

The varnish is manufactured following the formulas of traditional varnishes, with high quality natural raw materials. This varnish is combined with new colors incorporated into the oils.

This varnish provides a beautiful, transparent, and resistant film. They offer an optimal result used alone, combined with each other or with our other classic oil varnishes. They can also be combined with our Oil Natural Colors and glazes.

This varnish is formulated with resinates and modified rosin, in combination with high-quality linseed oils, which provide the optimal balance between hardness and flexibility needed to protect the instrument.

As a diluent medium, it includes a blend of aromatic-free and high-boiling solvents, providing a non-flammable, low-odor product.

It does not contain synthetic oils or resins.

Does not include cobalt drier.

All Old Wood oil varnishes are compatible with each other, the different oil varnishes can be mixed and can also be used in combination with our Oil Natural colours.

During the varnishing process, sanding between layers is recommended, the intensity depends on the quality of the dry film obtained.

Once the varnish is applied, it should be exposed to natural UV (ultraviolet) light or under lamps. Old Wood recommends drying in a UV chamber with AB lamps, as this allows us to control the intensity of the light and the drying times.

Typically, thin-film applications need about 10 hours under UV light to ensure full drying. Allow 12-24 hours to pass before applying the next coat.

Caution: Although the colours are highly resistant to UV light, they are more sensitive than pigments, so it is recommended not to expose the varnish to direct UV light longer than necessary. The tones could be lowered, especially the red ones.


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