Italian Satin Varnish

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13221 - 30 ml.
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13223 - 125 ml.
13224 - 500 ml.
13225 - 1 Liter

Italian Satin Varnish

Classic oil varnish for finishing the varnishing process of classic string instruments, such as the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. It must be used as the last layer.

The varnish is manufactured following the formulas of traditional varnishes, with high quality natural raw materials.

This varnish provides a beautiful, transparent, and resistant film.

The film obtained has a low gloss, which results is a satin silken aspect maintaining transparency.

This varnish is formulated with modified rosin and pyrogenated Baltic amber, in combination with high-quality linseed oils, which provide the optimal balance, between hardness and flexibility, needed to protect the instrument.

As a diluent medium, it includes a blend of aromatic-free and high-boiling solvents, providing a non-flammable, low-odor product.

It does not contain synthetic oils or resins.

Does not include cobalt drier.

Before starting to varnish, it is necessary to have a clean and dust-free area.

Shake well the product before each use to homogenize the liquid. Solid particles deposited in the bottom must be integrated into the liquid


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