Cochineal Deep Purple

Purple oil colour with luminous and bright deep red and bluish hues.

From 40,00 

Cosmos Golden Oak

Rich, golden-brown oil colour that brings out the warm, natural tones of the wood.

From 41,00 

Cosmos Golden Orange

A vivid, golden-orange oil colour ideal for a warm, luminous orange hue.

From 40,00 

Cosmos Golden Yellow

Bright and radiant golden-yellow oil colour with double golden and orange hues.  

From 41,00 

Cremona Varnish

A classical oil varnish designed to heighten the varnish’s suppleness, resistance and elasticity.

From 30,00 

Doratura Liquida

Air-drying transparent ground that imparts an intense golden-yellow colour, providing luminosity and depth. 

From 26,00 

Dust cloth

High-performance cleaning product that removes dirt and dust before basecoat, minimising the potential for tack transfer.  


Ebony Polish

Ebony Polish provides a brilliant, protective finish to ebony fingerboards of string instruments.  


Hide Glue Collagen

A non-toxic, natural, and readily biodegradable product used for wooden instrument joints. 

From 8,00