Rosin Varnish Extra Resin

Extra Resin Varnishes, for special ageing techniques, provide classical string instruments with a beautiful, transparent, and highly resistant film. 

From 25,00 

Set Alcohol Colours

Set 8 colours x 5ml of highly concentrated, vibrant, alcohol-based colours designed for retouching classical bowed string instruments.



A balanced formulation of siccatives for luthiers who make or use their varnishes without them to provide homogeneous drying.


Sorghum Venetian Red

Dark red-brownish oil colour derived from Sorghum, which provides a deep hue.

From 42,00 

Special Polish

Special Polish provides a soft, levelled surface with a renewed colour and aspect. 


Sverniciatore all’acqua

It is an excellent choice for indoor projects to remove unwanted coatings, including oils, varnishes, paints, waxes, and resins.


Technical Gelatine

Protein primer to homogenize the wood’s porosity and regulate the penetration of the grounds. 

From 4,00 


A high-purity, adequate solvent substitute for turpentine and other solvents, used when formulating varnishes or cleaning tools. 

From 7,00 

Walnut – Dark Brown (Junglans regia)

Dark brown walnut oil colour, also used as a neutralising colour agent.

From 42,00