Old Wood was founded in October 2001, making its formal debut at the MONDOMUSICA instrument fair in Cremona, Italy. It aims to supply makers and restorers of stringed instruments with a complete range of top-quality finishing products to bring out the light, warmth and natural beauty of the wood while enhancing its acoustical properties.

Today, Old Wood is a leading specialist company. It employs a team of highly qualified craftsmen and technicians whose experience ranges from instrument making to industrial chemistry.

Old Wood created the 1700 System, an easy-to-apply schematic process encompassing ground varnishes, glazes, oil varnishes and natural colours, which allows us to formulate a whole world of finishes used with any number of techniques.

The 1700 System strives to balance an instrument’s beauty and its musical quality while helping it to age nobly and elegantly and easing the task of the luthier. Old Wood uses carefully selected high-quality raw materials, and manufactures its products using traditional methods and following the most appropriate directions given in old manuscripts while applying strict quality controls

Old Wood