Hide Glue Collagen

A non-toxic, natural, and readily biodegradable product used for wooden instrument joints. 

From 8,00 

Linseed Stand Oil

A 100% pure polymerised linseed oil that slows drying time while providing a smooth elastic layering.  

From 7,00 

Matting Agent

White matting powder that reduces gloss by creating surface micro-roughness in varnishes. 



A balanced formulation of siccatives for luthiers who make or use their varnishes without them to provide homogeneous drying.


Sverniciatore all’acqua

It is an excellent choice for indoor projects to remove unwanted coatings, including oils, varnishes, paints, waxes, and resins.


Technical Gelatine

Protein primer to homogenize the wood’s porosity and regulate the penetration of the grounds. 

From 4,00 


A high-purity, adequate solvent substitute for turpentine and other solvents, used when formulating varnishes or cleaning tools. 

From 7,00