Antique Brown Black

Rich, brown-black oil colour which provides a deep, antique hue for wooden instruments.


Chlorophyll Green

Natural chlorophyll oil colour to complement the red pigments, bringing harmony.

From 43,00 

Cochineal Deep Purple

Purple oil colour with luminous and bright deep red and bluish hues.

From 40,00 

Cosmos Golden Oak

Rich, golden-brown oil colour that brings out the warm, natural tones of the wood.

From 41,00 

Cosmos Golden Orange

A vivid, golden-orange oil colour ideal for a warm, luminous orange hue.

From 40,00 

Cosmos Golden Yellow

Bright and radiant golden-yellow oil colour with double golden and orange hues.  

From 41,00 

Indigo Blue

Natural blue Indigo oil colour which complements yellow hues, adding spirituality.


Lac Dye Cherry Red

Bright cherry red oil colour offering vibrant and strong brown and purple hues.

From 45,00 

Madder Lake Brown Red

Warm, brownish-red oil colour from Madder Lake for a deep, natural wood finish.

From 44,00