OldWood’s standards in legal and bioethical matter

Bioethical Workflow

Through our dedication to eco-friendly alternatives, we ensure product durability and prioritize indoor air quality. This commitment extends to our packaging and shipping practices, alongside innovative solutions to minimize our environmental impact.

We actively involve our customers in our sustainability efforts by integrating recycling instructions into our product labelling. This encourages them to participate in the circular economy and make eco-conscious choices.

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European Requirements

At OldWood, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products goes hand in hand with our dedication to adhering to all legal requirements and regulations.

We ensure that every product we ship throughout the European Union meets stringent safety standards and provides comprehensive safety information for our customers.


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Qualified team and lab equipment

At our core, we pride ourselves on the strength of our highly skilled team and qualified lab equipment. Collaborating with experts, we ensure excellence at every stage of our operations, from design to delivery.

Their expertise drives innovation and enables us to improve our products consistently. Together, our team and lab equipment form the pillar of our operations, positioning us as a trusted luthiery supplier and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.