Alcohol Colour Poggi Orange

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Special colour mixes were developed by Old Wood in collaboration with the Academia Cremonensis school from Cremona and inspired by the greatest Masters of the 20th century. Poggi Orange is inspired by Ansaldo Poggi (1893-1984), as his varnishes vary in colour and consistency, but the usual hue is a beautiful red-orange.

They are vivid, highly concentrated products that can be diluted easily and immediately into alcohol varnishes and tuned together to personalise the hue. 

Before use, it is recommended to test on pieces or parts of wood like those of the instrument to be treated to predict the colour tone that can be achieved in each case. 

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Safety Data Sheet and Classification

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

16121 (EN) Poggi Orange – Alcohol Colours (V2)

Classification and Security

Application Guidelines

These are short, general indications. For more detailed instructions, please download the Technical Data Sheet available for this product.


They must be mixed with an alcohol varnish (Shellac, spirit varnish) to be applied. They should not be used alone as they do not form a film. Mixing them is easy and provides an optimal, long-lasting finish. They can also be combined to personalise the hue. 


Their high colouring power must be considered before varnishing, and we highly recommend testing the colours before varnishing the instrument. A guide dosage value is in the Technical Data File. 


The drying time depends on the varnish used. Once the varnish is widespread, let it dry for several hours until the film feels dry and not sticky. The total dryness of each layer of varnish is essential to guarantee good-quality and long-lasting film. 

Caution: It is not recommended to expose the instrument directly to sunlight or UV light after varnishing. The tones and intensity of the colours could be affected.  

Security and Storage



According to the CLP Regulation nº1272/2008 (CLP), these products are classified as hazardous.    

They are flammable products and may be classified with health and environmental hazards. Keep the product away from drain surfaces and groundwater.   



Keep the bottle tightly closed in a fresh area. Sources of heat, radiation, electricity and contact with food should be avoided. Under these conditions, the product is stable for over two years. 

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet