Commitment to Compliance and Innovation at OldWood

EU regulations and product classifications are continuously reviewed, requiring manufacturers to stay updated. At OldWood, we regularly update our product information and seek new materials to improve customer safety and reduce environmental impact.

CLP Regulation (EC No 1272/2008)

We follow the CLP regulation to classify, label, and package our products appropriately. This ensures that hazards are communicated to users through standardized labels and safety data sheets, promoting safe handling and use.

Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/878

We provide detailed Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that outline the properties of our products, including any potential hazards, safe handling practices, and first-aid measures in case of an accident.

Art.45 of the CLP Regulation (EC No 1272/2008)

By including the UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) number on our product labels and submitting detailed product data to national poison centres, we enhance safety and ensure prompt and effective treatment if accidental exposure occurs.