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Welcome to OldWood Colours & Varnishes, where you can purchase directly the products you need in an easy, convenient and safe way. As usual, Old Wood offers the highest quality handcrafted products, manufactured using ancient formulas, and following current handling and labelling regulations. This way, you get the products used in the past, but fulfilling legal requirements.
From the start of the design of an Old Wood product, we adapt them to be environmentally-friendly. With Old Wood, you are using the safest products for people and also your precious instruments.

Extract all the light, warmth and natural beauty of the wood

Most popular products


Italian Golden Ground

ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND is a ground system (A + B) whose joint application provides a golden cinnamon colour that enhances the...
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Classical Oil Varnishes

Classical Amber Varnish

Varnish with a high concentration of resin, formulated with Baltic Amber, linseed oil thickened in the sun and polymerized linseed oil.
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Doratura Minerale

Doratura Minerale is a ground with mineral compounds that enhances the instrument’s base golden tones.
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Classical Oil Varnishes

Brescia Brown Varnish

This varnish is processed to give it a deep brown and transparent colour in the style of the Classical Luthiers of...
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Mineral ground for contemporary makers

    MINERAL GROUND FOR CONTEMPORARY MAKERS. Michele Dobner Mineral ground for contemporary makers           Workshop about methodology and application techniques of mineral ground (primary varnish coat) relative to oil-resin varnishes intended for classical bows instruments Place: BELE.Basque School of Violin Making. Bele. Conservatorio de Musica – Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga […]


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Domusica is bigger and important global marketplace for violin maki


Domusica is bigger and important global marketplace for violin maki