Natural Oil Colours

Pigment pastes in linseed oil that provide bright, warm, transparent patinas and an optimum light stability

Weld – Indian yellow (Reseda Luteola L.)

Yellow pigment very stable with a vegetable origin (reseda luteola L). A very transparent, deep and luminous yellow pigment with a...
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Cosmos – Golden Yellow (Cosmos sulphureus Cav.)

OLD WOOD processes these complex dyes to create two golden hues. Golden Yellow is the most yellow with bright orange tones.
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Cosmos – Golden Oak (Cosmos sulphureus Cav.)

The main colouring agent in Cosmos sulphureus is a pentahydroxy chalcone hexoside, an anthochlorine type flavonoid generically known as coreopsin
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Cosmos – Golden Orange

Natural oil colour that provides a warm, luminous, orange hue when applied to the wood
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Madder Lake Red (Rubia tinctorum L.)

It is obtained from the root of the madder, a plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family, cultivated in the Mediterranean and...
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Sorghum – Venetian Red (Sorghum Halepense)

Extract from the sorghum plant, belonging to the graminaceae family
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Lac Dye – Cherry Red ( Coccus Laca )

OLD WOOD processes the traditional Indian lac to obtained a shiny red with strong brown and deep purple hues, and great...
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Cochineal Deep Purple (Coccus cacti)

OLD WOOD starts with the original luminous and bright deep red pigment with bluish tones
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Madder Lake Brown Red (Rubia tinctorum L.)

This is one of the most stable natural pigments, and for centuries it has been the most commonly used red dyes.
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Chlorophyll – Green (Chlorophyllaceous)

The pigment chlorophyll complements the red pigments that are so profusely used in string instruments, creating harmony through complementarine
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Indigo – Blue (Indigora Suffructicosa Mill)

This dye is extracted from plants of the genus Indigofera, beloging to the Fabaceae family  and especially from the suffructicosa mill species.
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Pernambuco – Golden Brown (Caesalpina echinata)

Originating in Asia, it was much appreciated in Europe in the 15th and 16th C. as a bright red dye.
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Walnut – Dark Brown (Junglans regia)

Walnut – Dark Brown is the neutral hue that OLD WOOD has developed to correct the red hue.
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Antique Brown Black

Antique Brown Black
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