Oldwood Additives & Raw Materials

Old Wood has designed and formulated a wide range of high quality auxiliary products that make the luthier’s job easier

Hide Glue – Collagen

We recommend this glue to make the different wooden joints in the instruments. The commercial gelatins are composed as follows: 84-90%...
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Linseed – Stand Oil

Stand-oil 100% pure polymerised linseed oil. It does not contain petroleum by-products, metallic siccatives or any volatile organic compounds. Processed under...
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OW Sverniciatore all’acqua

Is a varnish remover product specially formulated for stripping and removing old or unwanted coatings of oils, varnishes, paints, waxes, and...
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OW – Matting Agent

Micronized Matting Additive This is micronized white powder which produces a matting effect in the film when it is mixed with...
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OW – Siccative

OW Siccative is a balanced formulation of siccatives for luthiers who either make their own varnishes or use varnishes without siccatives. OldWood...
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OW – Thinner

Better performance and minimum risk for your valuable varnish and your health.
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Technical Gelatine – Granulate

We use this gelatine as a protein primer. Old Wood recommends you begin by insulating the wood applying a 2 –...
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Our usual delivery times are 24-48 hours

1 year warranty

As long as they have been used based on our recommendations for use


The buyer is entitled to return the goods within 30 days