Brush Cleaner

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Brush Cleaner is a slow-evaporation product that effectively cleans and cares for your brushes when used with oil varnishes, dissolving the remaining fats and oils. 

It can also clean natural or synthetic brushes, tools, and gloves. 

Brush cleaner provides a safe and pleasant atmosphere for your workplace. 

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Safety Data Sheet and Classification

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

18071 (EN) OW – Brush Cleaner

Classification and Security

Application Guidelines

These are short, general indications. For more detailed instructions, please download the Technical Data Sheet available for this product.


Once you have finished varnishing, clean the brushes with absorbent paper to remove the excess varnish. Then, dip the brushes in OW Brush Cleaner before the varnish or paint dries. Brushes should be left in the product for the needed period (at least 30 minutes), preventing the hairs from touching the bottom of the container.  


Drain the brush and clean the excess product with absorbent paper. On the same paper, gently rub the brush’s hairs to drag the remains deeply. Dry well with absorbent paper. 


Optional: If desired or deemed necessary, it can be cleaned with a little solvent such as OW Thinner or something similar and dried well with absorbent paper. The indications are in the Technical Data File.

Security and Storage



According to Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP), this product is not a hazardous substance or mixture. 

According to the available data, it is not considered hazardous to the environment. 

The material is readily biodegradable. 



Keep the container tightly closed and cool; do not expose it to direct light. Avoid sources of heat, radiation, static electricity and contact with food. Under these conditions, the product is stable for more than two years. 

More Resources

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet