Sverniciatore all’acqua


Sverniciatore all is formulated to remove unwanted coatings, including oils, varnishes, paints, waxes, and resins, making it an excellent choice for indoor projects.

It effectively dissolves layers of varnish and paint, making them easy to remove using a spatula or scouring pad without damaging the underlying wood or other materials.  

Safety Data Sheet and Classification

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

19070 (EN) Sverniciatore V1

Classification and Security

Application Guidelines

These are short, general indications. For more detailed instructions, please download the Technical Data Sheet available for this product.


Shake the content until the product becomes perfectly homogenised. Use a brush or apply the product on the surface to be removed. 


Let the product act for at least 5-15 minutes, or longer, if necessary, but it should not be left to dry as this may cause damage to the wood. The time required will depend on the type of varnish, the thickness of the film or the number of layers. Once the film is softened, scrape it with a spatula or scouring pad. Be careful not to damage the wood. If some varnish remains, repeat the operation until complete removal.  


After removing the layer of varnish, clean the surface well with a moistened clean cloth. Let the surface dry completely. There should be no traces of the product on the surface. 

Security and Storage



According to Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP), this product is not a hazardous substance or mixture for health or the environment.  

To prevent eye or skin contact, protective gloves against minor hazards and panoramic goggles against splashes and projections are recommended. If this happens, wash off the product immediately. Do not ingest. Please keep this product out of children’s reach. 



Store it in its original container, tightly closed, in a fresh place (temperature between 5-35ºC), and do not expose it to direct light or outdoor elements. Avoid heat, radiation, static electricity, and contact with food. 

Under these conditions, the Sverniciatore all’acqua is stable for up to a year.  

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