Matting Agent


The Micronized Matting Agent is a white powder that creates a matte effect in the film when mixed with various varnishes. 

Introducing this additive into the varnish creates surface micro-roughness, which diffuses and reflects light, thereby reducing gloss. However, the final result also depends on the light absorption properties of the previously applied layers so that the optical effect can vary in different systems. 

The Matting Agent should be added to the final layer of varnish (or, at most, in the last two layers if applied by hand). 

Safety Data Sheet and Classification

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Classification and Security

Application Guidelines

These are short, general indications. For more detailed instructions, please download the Technical Data Sheet available for this product.


Incorporate the Matting Agent into the liquid varnish with gentle stirring until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained. The dosage should be determined experimentally based on the varnish’s initial gloss and the desired matte effect. 


As a guideline, dosage would be between 1% and 10% of the varnish weight, roughly the tip of a spatula per millilitre. Depending on the application method, 5% to 10% of solvent (such as OW Thinner for oil-based varnishes) should be added to improve application and film formation unless the varnish is already significantly diluted. 


It is recommended that preliminary tests be conducted for dosage and application, especially when working with the product for the first time to familiarize yourself with its use. Avoid inhaling the dust. 

Security and Storage



According to Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP), this product is not a hazardous substance or mixture for health or the environment.

To prevent eye or skin contact, protective gloves against minor hazards and panoramic goggles against splashes and projections are recommended. If this happens, wash off the product immediately. Do not ingest. Please keep this product out of children’s reach. 



Store it in its original container, tightly closed, in a fresh place. Do not expose it to direct light or outdoor elements. Avoid heat, radiation, static electricity, and contact with food. 

Under these conditions, the Matting Agent is stable for over two years.  

More Resources

Safety Data Sheet

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